Home to more than 150 nationalities, Dubai boasts the most modern amenities found anywhere in the world – both in its entrepreneurial business environment, and things to do, see and experience. As the Middle East’s fastest-growing, most dynamic and exciting cosmopolitan city, Dubai is a true melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles.

The best way to understand Dubai’s wonders and achievements is to see them first-hand. The city has firmly established itself as a leading commercial and trade hub with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class business environment.

Dubai’s growing number of international firms, service companies, SMEs and financial institutions attract a highly skilled workforce. The city’s businesses and expatriate population enjoy tax-free benefits. Schools accredited to international standards and top healthcare facilities are plentiful. Superb recreational facilities include eight championship golf courses.

The UAE is well-known for its liberal outlook and commitment to free trade. Contrary to popular belief, only 30% of UAE GDP comes from oil revenues. Within Dubai’s own diverse, robust economy this figure is closer to 7%. Its modern business infrastructure includes a high-quality and high-tech commercial office environment. This is frequently within free-zones allowing 100% foreign owned businesses and complete tax-free repatriation of revenue earnings.


The Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has invested over USD30 billion on roads and transportation infrastructure since its establishment in 2005. Dubai and the UAE’s highways have consistent been rated the best in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

Some of the most notable projects carried out in Dubai by RTA include:

  • Improvement of Garhoud Bridge from 3 lanes per direction to 7 lanes towards North and 6 lanes towards South approach, with a clearance of 16m from water body to enable marine transportation.
  • Construction of Floating Bridge which has movable sections for watercraft passage which was constructed in 2007 as an additional connection between Deira and Bur
  • Constructing Dubai Water Canal which is an artificial canal inaugurated on 2016. It is a three-kilometer long project connecting Business Bay Canal into the Arabian Gulf.
  • Expo 2020; road facilities leading to the main expo site will consist of eight interchanges with 80 bridges which will serve 250,000 visitors/day.
  • Constructing the 52 Km long metro red line, which was inaugurated on 09.09.2009 with 29 stations. Constructing the 23 Km long metro green line, which was inaugurated on 09.09.2011 with 20 stations

Dubai, a Journey of Successes

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